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Parent’s Corner

During admission, the parents are given prior information about the orientation programme on the first day of their wards attending the school. Assurance is given to the parents on the safety measures and confidence is instilled to feel free in approaching the authorities whenever needed. They are asked to report if any behavioral change is noticed in their wards.

During the conduct of periodical parent-teacher meetings and the workshop for the parents, they are appraised on quality measures taken by the school to provide quality education to their wards. Feed back taken from them help for quality sustenance making appropriate remedial changes whenever needed.

The evaluative report is sent / given to the parents in person during Parents- Teachers meetings. The class teacher discusses the progress of the students with the parent and suggests remedial course if needed.The parents are kept informed about the progress and conduct of Parents- Teachers meetings through through school diary or postal mail.

Value Added Education

Talent Search

To develop scientific temper in the minds of students, we conduct Science talent examinations. Our students have got many ranks in District, taluk and State level perious year.

Value Education

Inculcation of values like Democracy, Secularism, Scientific temper, corcern for environment and promotion of peace and international understanding is the hallmark of an educated person. Every effort will be made to integrate value education in all activities designed by institution.

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation

Evaluation is an integral part of the total teaching/learning process and testing will be made comprehensive so as to include ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT of the learner in both scholastic and non-scholastic areas. tests will be used for diagnostic and remedial teaching. independent study and class assignments help in promoting self learning and developing confidence. home work will be minimal.


All students are expected to maintain high standards of discipline and social behavior. They should obey the rules and regulations at all times, show respect to the teachers, elders, class leaders in word and deed. They should take pride in their personal appearance.

Any violation of the rules and regulations and code of discipline on the part of the students will be result in his/her expulsion from the school. The decision of the principal in such matters is final and binding.