Our Environment

We believe that children learn by experiencing and directly interacting with their physical and social environment. At Vagdevi school we prepare this environment carefully, based on the age of the child. We provide a caring and enriching environment where children learn and discover the unique potential they are born with.

Children learn to concentrate, control muscle movement, make intelligent choices and persevere through and complete a cycle of activity. They, as a result becomes calm and satisfied in their newly acquired skills, and also becomes content and loving as a result of a peace which develops within them. They become more successful in other areas of studies in relating to others. Our teachers maintain the rhythm of the day, in order that the childrens’ comfort levels are reached and they know what to expect. Routines are established that make them feel safe and secure.



Engage, Energize and Enhance – keeping this motto in mind, we seamlessly connect with the Institute, faculty, students and fellow ALUMNI. All students who have passed 10th standard from Vagdevi School are eligible to be a Alumni member. We welcome all eligible students to become members and give a rock solid foundation to our activities.